On the left is Neo Atlas lottery demo. On the right is the Famitsu version.
On the left is Neo Atlas lottery demo. On the right is the Famitsu version.
On the left is the Comic BonBon version featuring HeroHero Kun. On the right is the store demo.
On the left is the Comic BonBon version featuring HeroHero Kun. On the right is the store demo.

Rurouni Kenshin Special movie discs with cinema tickets : on the left is the student price version, on the right is the adult price one.

Both Playstation You WorPro Set bundles: one the left is the regular version, on the right is the Video Capture edition.

2999 Nen no Game Kids - PlayStation Comic Taikenban: PAPX90057, PAPX90076 and PCPX96135.

OverBlood 2 Premium Disc The “East Edge” File + MISSION MAP 2 plus "α" : the version on the right has postage printings.

Clock Tower 2 Taikenban SLPM80062 & SLPM80063

Densha de Go! 2 Taikenban : store, rental and regular versions.

Gundam The Battle Master Taikenban

& Taikenban 2

Armored Core Test Operation Disc & Highlight Disc

Hanabi Fantast Taikenban : regular & Girl meets PlayStation versions

Koudelka Taikenban & Promotion Ban Taikenban

Koukaku Kidoutai Ghost in the Shell Otameshi Disc & Taiken Movie CD-ROM

Minna no Golf Taikenban & Tameshi-Uchi Disc

Marvel Super Heroes VS. Street Fighter EX Edition Taikenban SLPM 80376 & SLPM80382

Ridegear Guybrave Taikenban SLPM80116 & SLPM80127

Sonata Profile Disc & Taikenban

Star Gladiator Episode I Final Crusade Taikenban & Demo Movie CD-ROM

StarSweep Taikenban SLPM80136 & SLPM80151

Tales of Destiny Preview Edition by Namco : regular & Famitsy Version

Wild Arms 2nd Ignition Taikenban & Tentou You Movie Disc

Yarudora Double Cast PAPX90033 & PAPX90035

Yarudora Sampaguita Taikenban & Muryou Rental Ban

All 4 versions of TIZ Tokyo Insect Zoo Special Preview CD-ROM : Hyper PlayStation, Dengeki PlayStation, The PlayStation Biweekly & PlayStation Magazine!

Four promotional discs of The Legend of Dragoon : PCPX96184, PAPX90103, PAPX90104 (rental) & PAPX90091 (movie disc)!

From left to right, here are 3 versions of Chase the Express Taikenban : rental (PAPX90106), regular (PAPX90106 package with PAPX90107 CD, it's a factory mistake, checked witha brand new copy) & store (PCPX96189) demos!

Both PoPoLoCrois Monogatari II taikenban, regular & rental versions! They have the same sleeve and leaflet in PCPX96195 but the rental one has a PAPX90108 CD!

Both Kagero Kokumeikan Shinshou taikenban : PAPX90047 & SLPM80273! I got the second one along with TPM Vol.006 (see here).

Both Doko Demo Isshou taikenban : PAPX90086 & PCPX96152

Tamamayu Monogatari ~Dennou

Bijutsukan~ regular and rental versions!

The left one is labeled PAPX90089 but has a PAPX90090 tag on the back : it is a regular version used for rental purpose. The right one is also labeled PAPX90089 BUT has a PAPX90090 CD inside : it is a true rental version !

Grandia Prelude taikenban (10 000 copies offered in a mail order campaign) and its store conterpart !

Pilot ni Narou ! Taikenban : store and rental demos!

All Legaia Densetsu hibaihin : PAPX90055, PCPX96130, PAPX90040 & PCPX96127 (part of Purepure Vol.14)

Robbit mon Dieu : in TGS '99 Aki Special Taikenban compilation (left) & regular demo (right)

b.l.u.e. Legend of Water Taikenban : regular & Girl meets PlayStation versions

Poketan : promotion disc & rental taikenban

Crash Bandicoot 3 : store & rental taikenban !

I.Q Final : regular & rental taikenban

Saru ! Get You ! : regular and store taikenban

XI [sai] taikenban : chirashi, regular, asian, rental & Ohanashi versions !

All 4 Gran Turismo demo variants : regular, Test Drive Disc, store front & PurePure 8 Test Drive Disc CDs !!!

Remote Control Dandy : regular & Premium taikenban

Tomoyasii Hotei Stolen Song Taikenban & Taikenban Disc 2

Metal Gear Solid Pilot Disc regular (SLPM 80254) & asian (PAPX 90044) versions !

OverBlood 2 Special Movie Ban PAPX 90046 & SLPM 80258

fun! fun! Pingu *Youkoso! Nankyoku he* regular & Sumitomo Special Taikenban

Thoroughbred Breeder Sekai Seiha Hen Sample Version & Sample Version II !

Zipangu Jima ~Unmei Wa Saikoro Ga Kimeru !?~ early (without "Jima" in the title) & final taikenban !

Circadia Juchuu You & regular Taikenban !