PurePure Vol.7

PCPX 96075 & PCPX 96076

PurePure Vol.7 PCPX96075 & PCPX96076



Disc 1

Demoplay Land

- Armored Core

- Poitter's Point

- Monster Farm

- The Conveni: Ano Machi wo Dokusen Seyo

- Formation Soccer '97 ~The Road to France~

- Ridegear Guybrave

- Marie no Atelier : Salburg no Renkinjutsushi

- Stakes Winner 2

- Shin Theme Park

- I.Q. ~Intelligent Qube~


Memory Bank

- Soul Edge : male characters, martial armor equipment can be used

- Sangoku Musou : from the initial stage, you can play as Nobunaga, Tookichi or Sun Young

- Shutokou Battle R : final confrontation, points at maximum value, all parts, first hidden power and more

- Choro Q2 : unlock the best parts that can be equipped such as Akuma Series. Mad Special car!

- Deep Sea Adventure ~Kaitei Kyuu Panthalassa no Nazo~ : prepare for a very challenging torpedo game

- Alundra : obtain ten HP more than regular play, and you can start the game with powerful weapons and items

- Sentou Kokka Kai (Improved) : campaign 1 completed data, all weapons at MAX level


Theater MuuMuu

- Gundam the Battle Master

- Kidou Senshi Gundam ~Perfect One Year War~

- Breath of Fire III

- Hajime no Ippo

- Lagnacure

- Master Of Monsters: Akatsuki no Kenja Tatsu

- Baby Universe


Original Station

- Koukaku Kidoutai ~Ghost in the Shell~ Special movie

- Reports : Tokyo Game Show '97 & Playstation Club Festival '97

- Net Yarouze : best work collection (地球を守ろう友の会, へなぽん, TANTANK(Final Beta Version), TERRA INCOGNITA, 館」ぷらす)

- PurePure Fan Cluc communication

- Information


Disc 2

Minna no Golf demo

Answers to MuuMuu shiritori quizz (PurePure Vol.6)
Answers to MuuMuu shiritori quizz (PurePure Vol.6)