DemoDemo Playstation Vol.17

PCPX 96026

DemoDemo Playstation Vol.17 PCPX96026

Playable demos


  - Mezase! Senkyuuou

  - PachiPachi Saga: CRFRPG

  - The Shinri Game

  - Unstack

  - Road Rash

  - Melty Lancer: Ginga Shoujo Keisatsu 2086

  - Welcome House



  - PAL: Shinken Densetsu

  - Dragon Ball Z: Idai Naru Dragon Ball Densetsu

  - Ide Yousuke no Shin Jissen Mahjong (listed here under the seemingly temporary title Mahjong Jouzu: Mahjong ga Umaku Naru)

  - Rise 2: Resurrection

  - NFL Quarterback 96

  - Mega Man X3

  - Tail of the Sun

  - Captain Tsubasa J

  - Alien Trilogy

  - Potestas

  - Neo Planet



Request PlayStation:

- Submitted enemy artwork viewer for Controller-kun no Tabi (as first seen in DemoDemo PlayStation Volume 10) from Japanese players.

- Model viewer for Macross Digital Mission VF-X


News PlayStation:

- Playable demo and introductory video for Jumping Flash! 2