Vantan Dennoh Intelligence College V-DISC - Vantan Dennou Jouhou Gakuin Gakkou Annai CD-ROM

SLPM 89007

Vantan Dennoh Intelligence College V-DISC - Vantan Dennou Jouhou Gakuin Gakkou Annai CD-ROM SLPM89007

There exist no pictures of it on the entire internet. Its true name is also unknown : it's incompletely refered to as バンタン電脳情報学院 学校案内 CD-ROM in some retrogame kaitori lists in Japan. As you may have probably already guessed, this is one of the rarest hibaihin on Playstation. 


Well, let me tell you the story... 

From what I figured out, you had to fill in an information request on Vantan Game Academy website as a potential student... The CD was then given to you!

I know Vantan Dennoh Intelligene College had a stand in early Tokyo Game Shows : did they also give the CD there if you asked for information about video game formations ?


As you can see in the leaflet, here are the contents :

- student and teacher interviews (very funny!)

- pieces of student productions and contributions to video game industry (museum section)

- a video of students walking in the street and leading you to Vantan Academy (map)

- staff in charge of the CD

- a music made by students (siesta)

A few words about Vantan Academy :

It's a private school that has grown up and developped into several branches: a game academy, a design institute and other professional formations about drone & robotics, French food or aesthetics for instance.

More information on their website.