Tobakumokujiroku Kaiji Pocket Janken Taikenhan

Tobakumokujiroku Kaiji Pocket Janken Taikenhan

Distribution : campaign organised by Kodansha

Number of copies : ???


This box is a PocketStation taikenban of the Playstation game Tobakumokujiroku Kaiji, it does not contain any Playstation CD... I don't know how you can pretend to show some demo contents of a PS1 game with a PocketStation but this is the way the developers chose... The gameplay is mainly based on shi fu mi system.


It contains a PocketStation with promotional contents installed :


- Tip : change items to money

- Free : play against characters

- Tickets : obtain them by winning matches against characters

- Study : fight without using tip (money), it's some sort of training mode in which you don't bet real money but you don't win anything

- Communication : battle against your friends.

- Terms and conditions at the end of the prologue